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Joy Is Contagious

At Teriyaki Boy, we make it a point to spread joy and opportunity tribe-wide. With excellent leadership and a team you can rely on, you’ll build confidence quicker than you can say ‘teriyaki’.

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Industry Growth

One in four Americans eats at a fast-food establishment each day – that’s nearly 79 million consumers. Quick-service restaurants across the U.S. continue to see consistent revenue growth. The National Restaurant Association reports that franchise owner-based businesses is one reason the industry remains on steady footing.*

Global Flavors

Guests are ready for appealing, new concepts. Global flavors are heating up menus, with ethnic-inspired items in high demand. Eighty-one percent of consumers select food purchases by taste vs. cost. This is great news for Teriyaki Boy’s commitment to dynamic and exciting flavor combinations!*.

Healthy Fare For Busy People

Consumers are busier than ever. Seventy-two percent of people believe eating habits contribute to longevity, which has them out seeking healthier varieties of foods to eat, especially on the go. At Teriyaki Boy, we serve some of the healthiest minded consumers in the market – often right out of the gym!*.