Every which way you can.

Build Your Bowl

Our customized ‘build-your-own’ teriyaki bowl and menu is always fresh-grilled, tasty REAL food, with stout veggies, exciting juicy, tender protein options including USDA Prime® Steak, our signature Japanese Meatballs, grilled and seasoned tofu slices, and 5 unique, chef-crafted teriyaki sauces. Exclusively from Teriyaki Boy.

Your Base

Your Protein

Your Sauce

A Whole New Way to Glaze®

Build your own Soba Noodle Bowl, Rice Bowl, Salad Bowl or Veggie Base Bowl.





Signature Bowls

Our Boy’s Signature Bowls. Like a Familiar Friend — and a Tickle Fit.
Classic Asian fusion bowls Teriyaki Boy style. Fresh. Real. Extra awesome.



The Remarkabowl®

(House Favorite) Our most bountiful, savory and addictive bowl yet. An X-large and heaping serving of extraordinarily savory USDA Prime® Steak or Chicken, sautéed w/garlic, green and yellow onion — then united in our Signature Awesome Sauce over your choice of rice.

The Broccoli Boy

(Chk or USDA Prime® Steak) Open flame grilled choice of protein, broccoli, onion, minced garlic, Signature Awesome Sauce over your choice of rice.

Spicy Korean BBQ

(Chk or USDA Prime® Steak) Grilled protein, spicy Korean BBQ sauce, steamed veggies, green onion, minced garlic, sesame, over your choice of rice.

Inferno Bowl

(Chk or USDA Prime® Steak) Grilled protein sautéed in our Spicy Glazin’ Inferno teriyaki sauce, veggies, over your choice of rice.

Spicy Mongolian

(Chk or USDA Prime® Steak) Grilled protein, spicy Mongolian sauce, yellow and green onion, mushrooms, green peppers, minced garlic, over rice.

Sides / Apps

Japanese Meatballs

Our Signature Hearty Japanese Meatballs, dunked and drizzled in Awesome Sauce.

Wok Potstickers

Chicken stuffed potstickers, wok-fried and served with our signature potsticker sauce.

Asian Greens Side Salad

Our blend of crunchy Asian greens topped with our Signature Asian Slaw and sweet vinegar dressing.

Signature Asian Slaw

Your taste buds — they’re dancing. Our fresh and tangy slaw is oh-so-addictive. Tossed with our sweet vinegar dressing.


Steamed and lightly seasoned with sea salt

Side Veggies

Steamed and stout.

Side Seasoned Tofu

Seasoned and grilled, drizzled in Awesome Sauce.


Fountain Sodas and Bottled Water (In-Store)

BOyBA® Boba Smoothies

(Iced or Blended)
Our Boy’s take on bubble tea — cold, frothy iced up or blended with milk, tapioca pearls, glazed with our brown sugar drizzle and finished with a fat straw. Bubble me up, Boy.

50% Off!

BOyBA® Flavors

Chocolate BOyBA®, Coconut BOyBA, Horchata BOyBA, Okinawa Milk Tea BOyBA, Mocha BOyBA, Mango BOyBA, Strawberry BOyBA, Taro BOyBA, Watermelon BOyBA, Green Tea BOyBA, Milk Tea BOyBA, Thai Tea BOyBA.