Real Food.

Real Fresh. Real Fast.





Yet another blow to the status quo.

At Teriyaki Boy® we’re devoted to grilling the juiciest, most tender meats available — glazed to teriyaki perfection. We are so devoted to ‘bringing the joy’ that it’s brought us to a whole new plateau of soul-satisfying proteins:

USDA Prime® Steak

Signature Japanese Meatballs

Seasoned Grilled Tofu

Juicy & Flavorful Grilled Chicken (Breast/Thigh)

Wok'd Shrimp

USDA Prime® Steak

*Shrimp is Wok’d

Our proteins are seasoned and grilled fresh over an open flame* using exceptional, juicy, tender proteins including USDA Prime® Beef, our exclusive Japanese Meatballs, grilled and seasoned tofu, flavorful grilled chicken, and more on your selection of buildable bases. Real food. Real fast. Inspired by you.

It’s a whole new way to glaze.®

Teriyaki Boy® serves USDA Prime beef